Customer Testimonials

My wife and I are so pleased by the top-notch customer service we received from APCO today! When I called their number, I was greeted by a real person, Connie, who was polite and organized. She listened to my description of the problem (no ice from the icemaker), and unlike any of the other businesses I called (all of which required a service fee before offering a quote), she took the time to research the price of various parts in order to provide me with an estimate. The repairman, Dave, showed up as scheduled and was a real professional. He took the time to explain the problem, and he repaired it quickly. Then, for no additional cost, he cleaned the refrigerator coils (who knew that can save my family $10 a month in electricity?!) and even offered tips on how to eliminate hard water stains from our dishwasher and our fridge's water dispenser tray. As I joked with my wife, I almost can't wait for another appliance to break, just so we can work with APCO again!

Thanks again,

Just wanted to thank you for the great service. David went above and beyond and was a pleasure to deal with. If I can figure out how to review on google I will. Thanks again!


David was on time, very professional, and quick to determine the problem. Parts had to be ordered and he returned to install them promptly. We haven't had any problems with the heater since.

Dan Thompson

Everything went smoothly without a hitch. Dave called before 3 to say he was on his way and was actually waiting for me when I got home. He told me he may know what the problem was and confirmed it after opening up the back. He explained the problem to me and replaced the part quickly and was done in about 30 minutes. He was very knowledgeable and professional. The whole experience was a breeze. The refrigerator is working perfectly!

Carol Yamate

Great service. They were late, but in their defense it was downpouring that day. The father and son team, carefully inspected our refrigerator that was having trouble maintaning the proper temperature. They determined the problem was the OEM coolant filter, which is very small, was clogged. They were good about explaining the problem what causes it. They replaced with a largerfilter that shouldn't get clogged as easily. They cleaned up after they were done, making sure everything was as they found it. Total time from start to finsih was about 3 hours, so they are a little pricey, but they are worth it!

Jen Sun

23 year old washing machine began leaking into the tub. I called early in the AM and left a message for a call back. I received a prompt call back, and the repairman was out within 2 hours. He replaced a part that contained the solenoids for the water flow, inspected the machine, cleaned it, and provided the failing part. He also inspected the fridge and cleaned the compressor.

Dixie Swanson

Service was excellent and professional, I will definitely use this company again.

Celia de la Rosa

Just a short note to let you know what a pleasant experience it was to have your serviceman, Dave in my home yesterday. He came in checked out my refrigerator and knew what the problem was very quickly. He called AHS and received authorization to replace the fan motor — which he had on his truck. He was courteous and knowledgeable. Within an hour after he left we could already tell a difference — and this morning — my freezer is working great! This experience is after having another company, that AHS sent out that misdiagnosed the problem twice. We lost so much money in spoiled food — not to mention the inconvenience.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what a good serviceman you have in Dave, hopefully we will be able to use your company in the future.

Deborah R. Woodward

I wish to commend Dave for the professional and courteous manner in which he represented your company.

Due to an error on the part of a gentleman (recommended by Edison) who installed an electricity saving device to my house; the air conditioning unit was damaged. APCO was recommended to repair the AC unit. What a stroke of luck that was because at my door arrived Dave. He not only repair the AC, but checked the filter in the garage; each vent upstairs and downstairs. He was polite and efficient. Answered all questions patiently. I mean with great patience because I have no clue about air conditioning or how it works. Being on a fixed income, do not turn on the air unless it is unbearably hot.

Please, thank that young man. It was a pleasure to have him in my home. I was so impressed, I called my family, neighbors, and friends in Diamond Bar and Chino Hills.

Mrs. Nakajima

We greatly appreciate the time you took to guide us through the process of installing the cable and the spring on our dishwasher. We will remember your kindness and genrocity — you could easily come out to our home and billed us for your services and we would never have known we could do it ourselves. We hope the attached magnet will remind you how special you are!

Irene & Ernie Guevara

We wanted to thank you for fixing our AC and fridge. Finally we found soneone who knows how to fix things. You will always be our first call and we will tell all our friends and family about you! You're the best!

Thank you so much!
Cheyne & Bridget Morehead

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